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$6 million awarded for rehabilitation of passenger terminal at Aguadilla airport

The Heartbeat of the Caribbean!

By the Federal Aviation Administration

09 Mar, 2023

Aguadilla Airport Improving For Future Expanstion

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, Puerto Rico is making sure it's ready to welcome visitors back to the island. The island's airport in Aguadilla is getting a much-needed facelift, thanks to $6 million in federal funds.

New Improvements

The funds, allocated by the Federal Aviation Administration, will go towards rehabilitating the Aguadilla Airport's passenger terminal. The improvements will include a new roof, new walls, and upgraded electrical and mechanical systems. The terminal will also get new furniture and improved lighting, making it a more comfortable and inviting space for travelers.

Critical For Future Tourism

The improvements to the Aguadilla Airport's passenger terminal come at a critical time, as Puerto Rico continues to rebound from the pandemic. With the island's tourism industry slowly coming back to life, it's essential that Puerto Rico's airports be in top shape to accommodate the influx of visitors.

Long Overdue Improvements

The upgrades to the Aguadilla Airport's passenger terminal will also make it a more modern and efficient facility. The improved lighting and furniture will make the terminal more pleasant and inviting, while the upgraded electrical and mechanical systems will make the facility more reliable and efficient.

Fantastic News For Airport Future

The $6 million investment in the Aguadilla Airport's passenger terminal is great news for Puerto Rico, and it's a sign that the island is committed to making sure its airports are ready for the return of visitors. The improvements will create a better experience for travelers and help to ensure that the island's tourism industry can continue to thrive.


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