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Did you know that Puerto-Rico is a US Territory, and that you can enjoy a dream lifestyle in a lush tropical paradise without ever leaving American soil? Yes, and you can! Browse through the FAQs below to discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about homeownership in Puerto Rico. And if the question you may have is not answered below, please fee free to fill out the form and we will do our best to provide an answer as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, Puerto Rico is a US territory therefore you can buy property in PR.  The process is different so make sure you hire an agent that understands the differences and can help you navigate the process to limit some of the frustrations you may encounter

You do not need a real estate agent to buy property in PR.  But, I woudl highly encourage you to use a REALTOR to help you.. The process in Puerto Rico is different and you also are buying in an area where Spanish is the 1st language.  If you do not cross your t's or dot your i's, you may be in a situation that will be very costly.

Puerto Rico is part of the US, therefore the currency is the US Dollar.

Yes, You have your traditional Mortgage loans that are availalbe to you: Conventional, FHA, VA, RD, etc..  But there are minor differences in some of the guidelines that can make a difference in your qualifications that would normally not affect you in the US.  Use a Local Lender that is very knowledgable!

Probably not.  Most of the US based banks and Mortgage companies will not do loans in Puerto Rico.  Ask your local lender to see if they do loans in PR.  Most likely you will need to use a local bank or mortgage company that is on the island to help you.

The Lender fees in PR are comparable to the ones in the US.  


Besides your Lender fees, you will have 3rd party fees that are different compared to the US.  Here is what your typical 3rd party fees you will have when buying a property in Puert Rico

Notary Fees:
In Puerto Rico, all closings are handled by Attornys\Notaries.  They can chage a Maximum notary fee of 1% of the property value for the first $500,000 plus .5% of the amount in excess of $500,000

Registration and Filing Fees:
Several fees must be paid to different offices such as the Municipal Revenues Collection Center (CRIM), Treasury Department and Registry of Property. These fees are minimal and are not expected to exceed 0.5% of property value.

Internal Revenue Stamps:
Internal Revenue Stamps are puchased to be canceled on the original of deed of purchase and sale and first certified copy of deed to be filed in the Registry of Property. The notary keeps the original while the certified copy is filed at the Registry. Before applying for registration, filing vouchers for the Registry of Property must be bought first. Internal revenue stamps and vouchers are acquired electronically by lawyers/ notaries.

Attorney´s Fees:
Although not mandatory, it is highly advisable for foreign buyers to hire an attorney or lawyer. Attorney´s fees may vary depending on location and the complexity of the transaction. Most lawyers charge a percentage of the selling price, about 0.5% to 1%, while some lawyers charge a fixed fee or on an hourly basis. Each party pays for their own lawyer.






Puerto Rico has an MLS but it is not utilized like it is in the states.  You will have to look at many platforms to search for homes such as, Point2homes, Zillow, Clasificados, and many other platforms.  We have made it easy for you to search for the majority of the in one place.  Go to our HOME SEARCH page.. We gathered the most utilized platforms in one place.. Click Here to seach

No you do not.. You can and should only use one agent.  I would make sure that agent is full time, very knowledgable about the island and most of all , give you the customer service you expect.  Here at Puerto Rico Real Estate, we pride ourselves and constantly try to improve everyday to provide that service you expect and deserve.

I HIGHLY recommend you use a Real Estate Attorney anytime you buy a property in Puerto Rico.  With the Lack of standardized MLS Contract and with everybody doing their own thing, the few hours in attorney fees you pay to have someone contractually bound to look after your best interests is priceless.  We at Puerto Rico Real Estate, will not go into any transaction without a reputable Real Estate attorney involved

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