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Why Puerto Rico

The Heartbeat of the Caribbean!

Top Reasons I Luv PR.

Lots of people dream of moving to the Caribbean. The lure of beautiful tropical beaches with warm beautiful aqua blue oceans paired with some of the most breath-taking sunsets you will ever gaze upon, just makes life sound amazing! At least it is one of the top reasons why my family and I made the big leap to move from Idaho to Puerto Rico ourselves just a few short years ago. You see like a lot of people who work hard to get ahead decide to do this because they want more out of life. However, they sometimes become blinded to the fact that they live in places that only allow this for 4 or 5 months out of the year. Well if I was going to work hard all year long to get more out of life, then why not live some where we could also enjoy playing more all year round?

What I have learned is while lots of people dream of living the tropical dream, they really aren't sure how to accomplish this. This is why my family and I started Puerto Rico Real Estate and created the website, to not only show people Puerto Rico properties, but more importantly teach the unique lifestyle benefits that Puerto Rico offers and what to expect living here.

I have put together a quick short list of just some of my top reasons why we luv living in Puerto Rico. I hope this inspires you to learn more how you and your family could achieve the dream of home ownership in the Caribbean.

Natural Beauty & Amazing Weather.

The sheer beauty and the amazing year-round Caribbean weather - well just makes life so much more enjoyable. Not to mention that those long cold winters become quickly forgotten.


US Territory.

US territory -US Economy and way of life familiarity was a tremendous comfort for choosing Puerto Rico as it is the Caribbean's only 1st World Economy Island!


Act 20 & 22 Tax Benefits.

Incredible Tax Benefits - Act 20 & 22 offer many US businesses, sole proprietoships and independent consultants huge tax saving for operating their business from Puerto Rico. People are simply amazed at the incredible tax savings they can take advantage of by moving to Puerto Rico.


Easy & Affordable Travel.

Travel to the US is pretty easy and affordable - not much different than flying to south Florida with 3 airports to serve the Island.


You Can Speak English.

You don't have to learn Spanish. While it's true it's helpful, but English is the official secondary language of Puerto Rico. All schools teach English and many areas throughout Puerto Rico have an abundance of English speaking communities.


Beautiful People & Culture.

The People and the Culture - Puerto Rico is full of native Puerto Ricans and US mainland transplants that just understand the amazing gift of the Caribbean Lifestyle. It is an island of very gracious and giving people who understand the value of treating people like family, always more willing to give than take.

These are just some of my favorite reasons on why I luv Puerto Rico. Please explore our website and remember to come back often as we will continue to post great information and videos on living on Puerto Rico so you can learn if Puerto Rico is the place for you. Please contact us for more information on relocating to Puerto Rico.

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