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What is CRIM and Why is it Important for Real Estate in Puerto Rico?

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CRIM's Function in Real Estate is a Very Important Part of Owning Property in Puerto Rico.

22 Aug, 2022

CRIM(Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales)
Municipal Revenues Collection Center

What is CRIM


You have probably heard of CRIM and wondering what it is and why do I need to know about it.  The short answer is that they are the Tax Collection Center or if from the states, better known as the County Tax Accessors office or County Treasure.  They are responsible for collecting your property taxes on your real estate property in Puerto Rico and making sure that you are the rightful owner and payer of those taxes


What Does CRIM Do?

CRIM stands for Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales or The Municpal Revenue Collection Center.  It was created and approved by Law 80 on August 30, 1991.  CRIM renders fiscal services in favor of the Municipalities and is responsible for notifying, assessing, collecting, receiving, and distributing public funds from property taxes as well as state subsidy, funds from the Electric Lottery and any other funds that are provided by law for the benefit of the municipalities of Puerto Rico.

CRIM allows you to file for certain exemptions on your property taxes, pay your property taxes and you can inquire about the debts that are owned on the property and there are other services that you can use CRIM for as well.  It is very important that when you work with CRIM that you have a copy of your Sales Deed, Catastro Number to your property, and personal proof of identification.  Most do speak English, but I highly recommend you bring someone that is fluent in Spanish if you are not. 


Where Are The CRIM Offices Located?

There are ten CRIM offices located throughout the island with offices in: Aguada, Arecibo, Bayamon, Caguas, Caroline, Humacao, Mayaguez, Ponce, and 2 in San Juan.  Click Here for more information on their exact location and contact information.


Other Services CRIM Provides

CRIM also provides other services that may be helpful for you.  Here is a list of services they provide:

  • Establish all the Public, Administrative and
    Operational Policies of the CRIM.
  • Regulations are adopted, amended and repealed.
  • Ensure faithful compliance with the provisions of the
    Municipal Property Tax Law.
  • Appoint Official Examiners to attend the
    Administrative Hearings requested by taxpayers who do not agree with the determinations of the CRIM.
  • Carry out support functions for the Operations that are carried
    out in the Regions and in the Municipalities that have
    CRIM Municipal Offices.
  • The Digitized Cadastre is developed and the Cadastral Base is kept up to date.
  • Segregations, groupings and cadastral numbers are assigned to the Digital Cadastre.
  • Record collections and distribute them to the Municipalities.
  • Apply payments, evidence and credits to
    taxpayer accounts.
  • Account for the allocations of funds for the Municipalities
    and distribute them.
  • Make the annual liquidations of the funds collected and
    received by assignments.
  • Advances of funds are granted to the Municipalities based on estimates, collection experiences and legislative appropriations.
  • Make adjustments and corrections to
    taxpayer accounts that present evidence of payments, exemptions, etc.
  • Establish agreements or conventions with the Municipalities for the
    transfer of functions and the establishment of
    CRIM Municipal Offices.
  • Coordinate activities related to bankruptcy cases.
  • Send notifications and supplements of real estate.
  • The Mechanized System of Contributions is maintained and developed.


If you have any other questions or need help with anything, Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you!

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